Believe it or not — it’s my real name.

The author in a local Thai restaurant.

G’day. I thought I had better start with that although I never actually say g’day in real life. But at least you know I’m an Aussie. Yeah, we do say Aussie, not Australian.

I have been described as “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”. Churchill was referring to Russia so I’m not quite sure in what ways I am like Russia.

I don’t fancy myself as a writer, but I do love writing, and am proud my daughters have inherited this love from me. …

#Writing Prompt

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“Why do I travel? What is so interesting about travel that I’m willing to give up so many other things? Is there a purpose to all this traveling nonsense?”

— Jack Road

I thought these were good questions for me to answer. Why do I love travel so much? I have spent a large part of my life rearing children. Now I enjoy travel more than anything else. Why? …

My journey to writing about everything and nothing.

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I’ve been doing a daily journal when I travel for as long as I can remember. It wasn’t until 2011 that I wrote it as an online blog for my friends to read. They enjoyed reading about my adventures and misadventures, but writing also helped me remember details that I would otherwise have forgotten.

In 2019, I was asked to write a travel blog for a retirement group — Baby Boomers’ Budget Travel. I learned about keywords, SEO, and affiliate marketing. …

Photo by author

I like winning — but I’m not a sore loser. Not that losing happens much at trivia these days.

Keeley and I play every week on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. We take the baby with us. We are a good team. There are some multiple-choice questions. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll let her guess.

She’s incredibly good at guessing the correct answer. For the first-in questions, she’ll often hit the buzzer for me knowing that I’ll probably know the answer. She knows my strong suits. So far, I haven’t missed one.

My reflexes aren’t as fast as they used to be. Our team name is Under the Pump, which pretty much describes the pressure we’re under to hit that buzzer before the other teams.

We don’t know everything — far from it — we rarely get a music question correct. But we have fun — win or lose!

Why I’m writing stuff on Medium

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Kristina God’s article started me thinking about my grandmother and why I write ordinary everyday stories.

I wish my grandmother had written down stories of her everyday life: what she did every day, what she enjoyed doing most, her memories of her childhood growing up on a dairy farm, her favourite recipes, anything at all!

After I’ve departed this life, what I’ve written will be my legacy to those who come after me: my children and grandchildren and their children. It’s not great literature but it’s snippets of my everyday life and what sort of a person I was. …


His description, not mine.

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An English “gentleman” offered to come and help me at my stall at Kippa-ring. I accepted his offer as it’s a long day trying to sell cowhides and sheepskins in a not-too-wealthy part of town. He was planning on coming early which I thought would be great as I’d have someone to help me set up.

He finally arrived at 6pm! And oh my god! He was soooo fat he couldn’t sit in a chair and so feeble he couldn’t stand or walk without a walking stick. How on earth was he hoping to help me with anything?

With my…

Adrienne Beaumont

Having been married twice and reared six children to adulthood, I now have “ time for me”. I enjoy travelling and writing about my adventures.

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