Ten things you don’t know about me…

or you might.

Adrienne Beaumont
3 min readMar 26, 2022


Me going out to a Christmas party.

Iva Ursano suggested this challenge and I based my ten things on Klara Jane Holloway — thanks for the inspiration Klara.

Number one. I did not step foot out of Australia until I was in my forties.

Number two. I’ve been to forty countries since then.

Number three. I was 60 when I first saw Europe, and it was just Nantes, France where my eldest daughter was living at the time.

Number four. I’ve never paid for an airfare overseas. I’ve always flown on my frequent flyer points.

Number five. I have tomophobia – a fear caused by forthcoming surgical procedures. My knee replacement is way overdue.

Number six. I’m an extrovert, a bit of a show-off and I love knowing things that no one else does. In this scenario, I enjoy the attention. I only just realised this last night.

Number seven. I hate horses. I’ve been bitten by a horse, kicked by a horse, my foot trod on by a horse, and I’ve been dragged underneath a horse when the saddle slipped off. These were not the same horse — four different horses at four different times. I would NEVER ride a camel!

Number eight. I built a successful Amway business in my twenties. I’ve been a distributor or sales rep for everything I’ve ever bought apart from Tupperware. Avon, Nutrimetics, Rodan & Fields, Swipe, Wheylite, and Avanti are a few of the ones I remember. If I can pay wholesale for something, I will.

Number nine. I love going to the movies, but I hate popcorn and coke — chocolate and a vanilla milkshake for me.

Number ten. They say I’m quite book-smart but have no street smarts. I’m good at remembering facts. My two teammates and I shared $96,000 on The Chase Australia back in 2015. I believe our individual winnings have not been beaten.

Me 2002. Best photo ever taken of me, and I complained the whole time. We were running late for a barbecue. Photo By James Borlase

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Actually anyone can do it. It’s not as easy as it looks. Here’s Klara’s story — you’ll see the similarities.



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