My Middle Name Is Stress

Write down everything that is causing you stress. Cross out the things you can’t control. Circle the ones you can.


Elena Koycheva on Unsplash

Stress is what keeps me going. Currently, my biggest stress is there’s not enough time to do the things I enjoy. I have let my language classes slip, I haven’t been to coffee with the girls for weeks, and I haven’t been on a date since last September.

There’s a simple reason — my darling grandson. He loves to sleep on me and I can’t say no.

The other thing that’s causing me stress and anxiety is I have to get my knee replaced. I’ve been postponing for 7 months so I can help with my grandson, but I can’t do it much longer. My daughter has had her surgery so as soon as she recovers, I’m booking mine!



Adrienne Beaumont

I’m Australian. I love to travel and write about my adventures.I write about my daily life as a mother and grandmother as well as my past experiences.