Believe it or not — it’s my real name.

The author in a local Thai restaurant.

G’day. I thought I had better start with that although I never actually say in real life. But at least you know I’m an Aussie. Yeah, we do say Aussie, not Australian.

I have been described as “a riddle wrapped…


But not the last!

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

In January 1977, we rented an old farmhouse for 9 months while our house was being built. We had paid the deposit and moved in before finding out the largest taipan ever found in Australia was killed just across the road from our little farmhouse at Nindaroo, 13 kilometres from…

Two little Dutch girls. Photo by Keeley Schroder

Our first mishap

Adrienne Beaumont

Australian. Traveller. Mother. Grandmother. Teacher. Learner. Editor. Writer. Human.

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